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Retail in 2016, Thursday 17 March 2016

Here’s the latest podcast from our Retail in 2016 Masterclass. If you like what you hear, why not enrol to attend one of our upcoming sessions in person.

Although more consumer sales are moving online, it has been estimated by Forrester Research that around 80% of all purchases by revenue will still be concluded in a traditional retailer in 2017. Today over 65% of shoppers admit having been influenced to change their brand choice in store. With the shopper journey ever-changing by either researching online before purchasing in-store (web-rooming), or researching in-store and then purchasing online later (show-rooming), it is vital to deliver the most compelling customer buying experience at every touch point.

In this masterclass we'll be discussing how the role of the 'store of the future’ is evolving into a more experiential playground. Many different technologies are now aiding the brands and retailers engaging with shoppers, creating an even greater emphasis on personalisation and the social interaction.


Masterclass Agenda:

  • Why face-to-face engagement is still an influential part of the shopper journey in today’s multi-channel retail environment
  • Why ‘web-rooming’ is overtaking ‘show-rooming’ and is increasing in-store sales
  • How implementing an effective field marketing strategy helped one of our clients gain significant market share and competitive advantage in an already crowded marketplace 
  • How crowdsourcing solutions can drive significant ROI in-store for brands and retailers - improving in-store experience, in-store execution and actionable insight
  • How technology paves the way for more personalised customer experiences in the aisles – but are we ready for it?

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