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The hps creative brief

It’s impossible to over-emphasise the importance that creative briefs play within our industry. Strong, insightful creative briefs naturally lead to strong, insightful creative work; confused briefs lead to confused work and flimsy briefs lead to flimsy work. You can begin to see the connection here. 

Then there’s the question of time. How much would you save if everybody in the process was on the same page? There’d be no going back and forth, no guessing games and no unfortunate misinterpretations.

If you didn’t already, by now we hope you’ll agree that writing a solid creative brief is a must for any marketer. That’s why we’ve produced a step-by-step guide to help you hit the spot, save time, and ensure effective creative results.

By downloading our template, you'll discover:hps_brefing_doc_pic.jpg

  • The importance of a single-minded brief
  • How to better define your target
  • What 'fat' words are
  • And more...



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