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Here’s the podcast from our recent Brand Ambassador Masterclass. If you like what you hear, why not enrol to attend one of our upcoming sessions in person.

14th May 2015

To the uninitiated, the concept of brand ambassadors can be something of a minefield. How do you find the right fit for your brand? How much should you be prepared to pay? How can you gain the maximum effect from a partnership with a personality? What are the risks?

Our masterclass examines:

  • Why brands partner with ambassadors
  • How brands use ambassadors: longevity vs one-off appearances, paid vs unpaid
  • The best and worst brand-ambassador relationships ever
  • How to avoid damaging your brand if things go wrong


The Ultimate Guide to Brand Ambassadors – Part 1:

In the first part of the Brand Ambassador masterclass Rupert Williamson, MD of hps Jardine, will take you through why we settled on the subject, the growth of Brand Ambassadors, and why your brand should consider using them.

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Ambassadors – Part 2:

Alex Kemmis-Betty, an account manager at hps Jardine, will outline the process of selecting a Brand Ambassador using hpsJardine’s 10-step guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Ambassadors  – Part 3:

Tony Jardine, the Chairman of hpsJardine, will lead an insightful Q&A with England Rugby International Dylan Hartley to give an athlete’s viewpoint on the Brand Ambassador partnership.

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